Post CMA Awards iTunes top 10 BPM analysis: Running Playlist 2011-10-11


For those of you following running playlist for a while, you should know by now why I’m super happy!

Last night, I happened to stumble onto the CMA awards. I say “stumble” because I usually don’t like award shows (e.g. the gimmicky MTV awards show) and I prefer not to hear “I’d like to thank my producer” speeches a million times. But there was nothing on TV last night (I stopped watching x-factor) so I ended up on the CMA awards.

I was absolutely blown away by the show! They really kept the speeches to a minimum and the quality of the music was incredible!

I guess after watching all those “Idol” type shows, my expectations were really low for music on TV, but watching the CMAs opened my eyes and ears to what it should be like. Not surprising, the only performances that weren’t 100% perfect were Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreery, both from American Idol.

I really loved the Taylor Swift performance, The Band Perry, and the Sugarland Duet! Highly recommend watching this again if you have the time.

So today, obviously, I checked the iTunes top 10 and who was there? My favorite, Taylor Swift! with 3 new songs! (“Ours” is my favorite so far…:)

Anyway, get this running playlist and other running playlists at running playlist, I would love to hear your feedback on this, so please comment, or contact me onfacebook or twitter, or +1 me if you’r on google+.




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