An 80′s Party Playlist: 05-07-2011

I love 80′s music, it was a great decade for music and today I’m going to share the 80′s party playlist of the week!

I can’t see a market for 90′s cover bands or god forbid cover bands for the 2000′s and 2010′s (unless you count “Glee” in this and then all bets are off…) but 80′s cover bands and 80′s music is alive and well in our hearts and ears.

There were plenty of great songs I could have added to this list, and I will definitely do more posts of 80′s party playlists down the road, but I wanted to pick some interesting songs that we all know and love with a good BPM for a fun party playlist.

This list is 1:02 hours long, so it will give you plenty of time to have fun and reminisce about the good old 80′s.

Obviously, this list won’t last you for an entire party, but it will give you a good start and will give you some ideas where to go next.

I would love to hear your feedback on this, so please comment, or contact me on facebook or twitter.

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