This Weekend Only!!! The Running Playlist App is FREE!!!

running playlist iphone app

In the spirit of sharing free stuff and to show my thanks to all the loyal readers of this site who keep coming back for running playlists every week, I decided to share the running playlist iphone app with the world for free for a limited time.

So for this weekend only (until Monday morning), the running playlist iphone appis absolutely free on iTunes.

I highly recommend you get it now and also tell as many people as you can about it as soon as possible, because on Monday, the price goes back up again.

I also can’t say much about it due to confidentiality and such, but there are some really cool features coming to the app very soon and if you get it now (did I mention it’s free? :) ) you’ll be eligible for those features when the update comes out (the timing really depends on Apple’s process, so I hope it’ll be soon….).

Anyway, I’ll keep this one short and sweet – the running playlist iphone app for free for this weekend only, get it now and tell as many people as possible to get it for free before the price goes back up again.




read the rest at


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