An Italian Running Playlist for the Milano Marathon

running playlist italy

My friends from @milanomarathon asked me a while back if I could put together a running playlist for their upcoming marathon. Of course, I don’t speak any Italian, nor am I familiar with the Italian music scene, but why should that stop me from trying, right?

Turns out that finding good Italian music with a high BPM is much harder than you might think….

When I started searching for Italian music, most of the stuff I got was the kind of music you hear in the background when you go to an Olive Garden (a cheesy US Italian chain restaurant – good food though, love their minestrone soup…). Obviously, not something you’d want to run with.

But after a few hours of work, I managed to get a pretty decent list of songs. I even found some that I liked for my personal running playlist (especially the Laura Pausin songs).

This list is 41 minutes long, not a marathon playlist by any means, but enough to give you a start, and it averages at 133 BPM. As I mentioned earlier, I don’t speak or understand Italian, so if these songs are offensive or too cheesy, I apologize in advance.

For those of you running the Milano marathon, buona fortuna!

Also, don’t forget to check out the running playlist iPhone app where you can get new songs and running playlists directly to your iPhone.

I would love to hear your feedback on this, so please comment, or contact me onfacebook or twitter.

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