5k Running Playlist of the week: constant BPM of 120

This week, we have one of the most basic kind of music for a running playlist. This week’s running playlist is set in a 120 BPM range, it’s the lowest useful BPM for a running playlist, not that it’s bad or anything, but if you run with this list, you’re not going to be pushing your limits.

The 120 BPM range is still a good BPM to run to during recovery runs, or if you just want to just jog in a relaxed pace.

The good thing about this BPM range is that there are a bazillion songs at this range as this is a very popular range for many pop songs.

This list is 51 minutes long, so if you use it for a 5k, you’ll have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the music.

I tried to pick a good variety of songs to keep this list interesting rather than stick to the top 10 list, so I hope you enjoy.

get the 5k running playlist at running playlist

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