5k Running Playlist of the week: constant BPM of 140

running playlist

This week, I thought I’d try something different on running playlist. I usually mix up my running playlist, so it has a lot of diversity and it allows me to explore different paces while I run. But I got to thinking, what would my running playlist look like if I try to keep the same exact pace for an entire run?

The results are below.

This 5k running playlist is set at a more or less constant BPM in the 140 range (I did make it vary slightly so that I get some diversity in my run). I’m going to experiment with faster and slower BPM running playlists and post my findings over the next few weeks.

This running playlist is 39 minutes long, and if you want to use it as a 5k running playlist, you’ll need to keep a pace of 12:39 min/mile.

get the 5k running playlist at running playlist

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