Powerful and Fast 10k Running Playlist

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been going easy on you, and posting slow running playlists, but this is going to change. This week’s running playlist is a tough one.

Starting at 142 BPM (so make sure you warm up before the run) and going up to 176 BPM, you’re going to have to run hard to keep up. I thought of doing this list as a 5k list, since the average BPM of 153 isn’t easy to follow for a long run, but I know you’re tough and can take a high BPM on a 10k as well.

From a pace perspective, this running playlist isn’t too bad. It’s 1:18 hours long, which means that if you want to use it for a 10k, you’ll have to keep a pace of 12:35 min/mile, not too bad indeed.

get this 10k running playlist at running playlist

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