Gobble Gobble… a 5k running playlist for the thanksgiving turkey trot

turkey trot - running playlist

It’s Thanksgiving in the US tomorrow, and millions of runners are planning to run a 5k turkey trot, so it’s only fair to post a 5k running playlist for a turkey trot today.

Since I’m on vacation tomorrow, I decided to combine the playlist of the week post and the event playlist (5k, 10k, etc…) into a single post and have a themed playlist for the upcoming turkey trot.

This list is not very fast, but not too bad, at 134 average BPM, and it’s 1:02 hour long (pace to run a 5k will be almost 20 minute/mile, so you can walk to this list if you want to run the full length) , so you’ll have plenty of time to finish up your turkey trot and go home to stuff your face with holiday delights.

On a more personal note, I remember running a turkey trot last year in Houston, where it was nice and sunny and I could run in shorts. It’s 43 degrees up in the Philadelphia area today, so I can’t really see myself running anywhere without adequate long clothing for protection…


Get the running playlist here

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