Directly from Texas – a country running playlist: 11-19-2010

I spent some time in Houston, Texas last week for work and did some running while I was down there. The weather was awesome and I ran in shorts and short sleeves most of the time. I was also inspired by my visit to do a country only running playlist. I used to live in Houston, and always loved country music, and while not all people in Texas are cowboys, ride horses and listen to country music all the time (in fact, Houston is very diverse and has the best international food I’ve ever had), it’s definitely a more popular genre than up north.

This list is a bit longer than one hour (1:08 to be exact) and averages out at 139 BPM, so it would give you a good pace for a workout, so just put on your headphones, and lose yourself in the beautiful music of the south while you run (don’t forget to pay attention to your surroundings and all the other things you need to do to stay safe… :)

get the running playlist

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