Running Playlist of the week: 10-15-2010: A Glee running playlist!

I promised you a running playlist surprise this week and here it is!

If you haven’t heard of the TV show Glee (which could only happen if you live under a rock or have just now woken up from a coma – and if that’s the case, thanks for making this site the first one you visit :) , it is one of the most popular TV shows these days.

The music from Glee already broke the Beatles’ record for the number of hits on the top of the charts (even though these are only cover versions). As much as I hate to admit it (again, I’m not a 12 year old girl), I do like the show. The story lately is getting looser and looser and barely makes sense anymore (what contest are they trying to win this year?) but it does work with the songs and their music is very up-beat and well performed in most cases.

That’s why I decided to create a running playlist entirely out of Glee songs.

It actually turned out quite good with an average BPM of 127, and at almost 45 minutes (without commercials…:) it will give you a good workout.

get the list at running playlist

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