Running Playlist: Playlist of the week: 10-08-2010: Hip Hop!

It’s Friday again, and time for the running playlist of the week.

This week’s list was inspired by one of my twitter followers, @ChrisShort, who requested a hip hop playlist.

Hip Hop is a difficult genre for a running playlist because it is usually slower in terms of BPM than most genres. That said, there are a lot of fast BPM songs in Hip Hop and even many of the slow ones are power songs that can motivate you to go faster and longer.

The list below starts relatively slow with some motivational songs, and then gets faster. It is slightly longer than 1 hour, (1:06:20 if you want to be precise) and will get you all pumped up when you run to it.

Stay tuned next week, I have a special surprise.

get the list at running playlist

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