Running Playlist: 5K Playlist of the week: 09-16-2010

Today’s 5k running playlist is fast all over.

We start out with a 141 BPM song, so make sure you warm up before you run because you’ll need it.

This 5k playlist is very rock focused, since I want to keep you pumped up and energized the whole way, but I did spice it up with some pop and even one country song.

The overall average BPM of this list is 151 and it’s 50 minutes (50:11 to be precise) long which would take you through it if your pace is 16 min/mile so it’s enough for even the slowest runner.

If you are faster, you might want to cut this running playlist down and remove some songs so you don’t miss out on the fast ending.



get the list at Running playlist




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